Frequently asked questions

So in a nutshell, how does it work?

It’s just as the name suggests – we’re giving you the chance to SKI4FREE! Hire a JUCY vehicle from our Adelaide, Melbourne City, Melbourne Airport or Sydney Airport branches and you’ll receive a free ski pass for each day the vehicle is hired for the Mt. Hotham ski season (9 June – 30 September 2018), for up to six consecutive days. 

How do I redeem my SKI4FREE pass?

Too easy! Here’s the 101.

1) When you go to collect your JUCY vehicle from the branch, you need to have a second person with you.

2) When you collect your JUCY keys, you'll also receive a SKI4FREE punch card, with the dates of your hire punched out.

3) Show this card with your JUCY key tag and that big old smile of yours at the Mt. Hotham ticketing desk. They’ll issue you the lift pass, and hey presto – the mountain’s all yours!

Does the SKI4FREE offer apply to all JUCY vehicles?

It sure does! An booking for any car, campervan or motorhome can get you time on the mountain – see our vehicles here!

Can anyone redeem the SKI4FREE deal?

The SKI4FREE deal can be redeemed by any person young or old as part of your vehicle hire, so long as the person hiring the vehicle is 18+ with an accepted Driver Licence (for more details see here). 

My friend has gone AWOL while picking up the car, can I still SKI4FREE?

Yikes! Time to bribe another friend with chocolate. You always need someone with you when you come to collect your vehicle to receive the SKI4FREE punch card!

I’m hiring my vehicle for longer than 6 days, do I have to use my SKI4FREE days at once?

Yes, all your days must be redeemed consecutively - there’s no rest for the wicked!

I didn’t use all my ski days during my hire period, can I use them at a later date?

Same as above, you have to redeem all your SKI4FREE lift passes on consecutive days and all days need to be used during your hire period.

I want to share my SKI4FREE lift passes with a friend on the same day so we can both get some of the fresh powder together, can I?

We’re all about sharing experiences with your friends, but SKI4FREE lift passes are only redeemable by one customer per day. You can always be nice and go halvies with them on buying their lift pass! 

Can I give unused days on my SKI4FREE pass to a friend to use?

Aww… everyone needs a buddy like you! Yes, you can, so long as you still have the JUCY vehicle on hire as they’ll need to show your JUCY key tag and punch card when picking up the pass.

I don’t want to line up to get my pass everyday – can I get lift passes for all my SKI4FREE days at once?

No worries! You can grab your lift pass for all your SKI4FREE days at once to avoid this. Just remember that once redeemed, your lift pass has a pic of you on it and is just for you so no re-gifting!

Eek! I’ve lost my punch card what do I do?

Unfortunately, we don’t accept any responsibility for lost or stolen passes so please keep a close eye on them. Especially if you’re enjoying the apres ski night life! 

I had such an awesome time skiing at Mt. Hotham and for free! I’m going to come back and do it all again, can I SKI4FREE again too?

We’re stoked you’re gonna be back for more – the pow is addictive! SKI4FREE can be redeemed by only one booking, per customer, per season, but definitely see our friends at Mt. Hotham for more ski adventures until next year’s SKI4FREE starts.